Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Brenda and Me

I sound like Brenda Vaccaro. The Crud has progressed to where I feel a little bit better but sound a helluva lot worse.

Maybe I'll get back to knitting today. That's the one thing I loathe about being sick - I don't have the attention span to knit. I make silly mistakes so there is no point in trying.

We did get the wallpaper down in the foyer and mud it and put on a layer of Kilz. AND I found paint I like. Amusingly enough, when I went to look for a color "similar to a manilla folder" there was, in fact, a color called "Manilla Folder". It sounds a bit bland, but in the same room are a blue loveseat with tan and red in it, a multicolored wingback chair, a black piano, and dining room furniture stained a brown with alot of red in it and with cranberry red chairs. Believe me, we need a nice soothing background for all of that.