Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Knit 1...or 2

Yesterday I picked up a skein of Cashmerino superchunky with which to knit this hat. I have the yarn to knit Plum from Debbie Bliss Seven in the purple color depicted - although my flower is going to be in a light purple rather than the plummy purple shown. I like purple but I vastly prefer blue purples to red purples. At any rate, I thought the red for the hat would look great with a purple trim and would be fun with the sweater. Of course, Plum has to wait until I finish Lara. And Lara is languishing until I finish Meddlesome.

I also bought a copy of Vogue's new Knit 1. I've seen several blogs trashing it and several more saying it's not completely horrible and I thought I might as well buy a copy and see what I think. I'm still not sure. To start with, I rarely like much in Vogue Knitting so I didn't really have high hopes. I thought the military-inspired sweater was kind of dashing. I don't even really care that all the projects are in Lion Brand yarns because I frequently make yarn substitutions. My main problem is that I think that quite a few patterns were oddly close to patterns in Knitty. The flower-covered sweater? Reminded me instantly of Folly only not nearly as nice.

In the end, I'm not going to subscribe, but I'll may purchase a copy every now and again.