Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas kntting

For me!

Ironstone Yarns Pizzazz


The party was a smashing success (in more ways than one). The leftover dips were carted to a party the following night which was also a smashing success. It was a tiring weekend and, on Sunday, we did not get a day of rest. Rather, Hubster and Bean woke up with coughs and colds. Lovely.

Today was spent in futile hopes of getting Bean dressed up for a cute shot to send out with the Christmas cards. I'm one of those people who hopes that their Christmas cards will at least be postmarked before Christmas. Arriving at the destination may be a bit much to hope for.

I also wrapped all the presents I have and put them under the tree. (Bean's comment, "Oh, thank you!")

Tonight, I start knitting Poppy for Bean out of white fuzzy and sparkly Wool-Ease. I need to have it finished for the Christmas Eve church service. I don't think it'll be a problem but simpler things have hung me up before. I'm not worried about the separate pieces, it's the picking up stitches and knitting the band around the bolero that I may flake on.

That is the extent of my Christmas knitting. I have several presents I do need to knit. The recipients are well aware that these will be New Year's gifts (and not on the Day either). I also need to figure out something to give my friend's for their 10th wedding anniversary. We are going to dinner with a big bunch of people New Year's Eve (a cool day for an anniversary) and I want to give them something small but fun. I'm thinking a felted tea cosy and a funky teapot.