Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Hubster has continued screwing up, I mean upgrading, my computer. First, the camera would no longer talk to the computer. Now that is fixed but my photo software will now no longer talk to Blogger. So, pictures are on the back burner.

Lots of progress in stash-busting though.

I completed one of the Silk Garden scarves. This one was in a combination of mistake rib and garter stitch. One of my friends from SnB gave me the "pattern" (more of an Unpattern).

Cate is complete except for completing the insertion of the last sleeve. Sewing this sweater up has been more complicated than I thought sewing up could be. The sleeves don't quite match the armholes so there's a bit of fiddling.

The Boring Baby Blanket is 2/3 complete.

The Point 5 poncho has been frogged and turned into a lap blanket. I'm going to trim in in garter stitch in some dark cranberry Rowan - I think it's Polar but I don't remember and I haven't made the actual yarn purchase yet.

I've also started a felted bag out of various leftovers. My own design from the fuzzy dog bag but it's very similar to the buttonhole bag at Mason Dixon Knitting.

I also received a RAOK of five skeins of Patons Chacha and a pattern booklet from Chrissie. The Bean is fascinated by the fun pinks and purples and is insistent that this is her yarn. I'm thinking another mini-Harlot poncho and matching hat. She'll love it.

Back to trying to fix the !@$*&#@$*^@!*&( computer! Hopefully, I can put up pictures this afternoon.