Thursday, January 13, 2005

My stash is giving me hives

Talk me down from the ledge, people.

I know that most of you think there cannot be too much stash. My problem is that I feel an obligation to knit with the yarn I buy. Immediately. I don't seem to be able to relax and say, "Cool! I have options for next winter." No, I want to knit it now and get it over with. Which is not how knitting should be.

Rather than reworking my YNBA, today I made a pile of the yarn that I know I'm not going to knit. I'm going to take some chenille to SnB next weekend and give it away. I'm going to RAOK some of it. And I'm going to give the yellow Plymouth Encore to the women who knit for baby at Parkland Hospital.

I will finish the two scarves I want to send to my friends in England. I will finish Cate (an enjoyable knit despite the poor pattern). And, within the next two months, I will finish the Boring Baby Blanket that I started when Bean was a newborn. Fortunately, she'll like it alot more now because she'll have seen me knitting it and she loves the things I knit for her.

After that, I am going to sit back and try to figure out what I want to knit rather than letting me stash boss me around. I will view my stash as fiber options rather than obligations.