Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Second verse, same as the first

The second side of That Damn Felted Bag is complete. Actually, it's the third side. Had to frog one back to a painful point and decided it was easier to frog the whole thing than figure out where I was in the trellis pattern.

The 19 needles are killing my wrists. I'm going to be very happy when the roses and leaves are complete. I think I'll like the bag (and, if not, it'll make a fabulous gifty for someone), but I think I prefer pulling things out of my head for felted bags rather than knitting from such an exact pattern.

In other news, tomorrow I begin the journey of learning to sock!!! Frighteningly, I already have yarn for five pairs of socks.

Yarn lust: Rowan Denim. Must. Have. More. Almost finished with Bean's jumper (there are two pics on that site - front and back - it's the little girl with the stuffed puppy on her head) and now I want this!