Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Progress and a big thank you!

First, a long-overdue thank you to my SP who sent me Jelly Bellys and one of those adorable lamb tape measures that I have been coveting. Fabulous, fun gift.

Progress on the Denim jumper: I will hopefully finish it this weekend.

The Nicky Epstein felted bag from VK has been felted.

It's still huge

The roses are also knitted but not sewn up or felted. I'll finish the leaves and then felted the lot and get my sturdiest sewing needle out. So far, I'm not feeling the love. It's done properly, it's just awfully big. I knew what the finished measurements were, but somehow that didn't translate into my brain. We'll see how I feel once the roses are on. If nothing else, it's a really cute project bag.

Note to anyone considering felting with Peruvian Highland Wool form Elann. It felts up nicely but it's the hairiest stuff known to man. Seriously, hobbit feet had nothing on my bag when it came out of the washer. It didn't need a razor, it needed Nair.