Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sometimes they really should not allow me out of the house

This morning on the playground I overheard one mother ask another mother, "My God, what do they feed that child for breakfast?" I realized that this comment was addressing my own sweet Bean who, at that moment was hopping across the playground like the Easter Bunny on speed. I leaned over and smiled sweetly and said. "Coffee and Girl Scout Cookies - Breakfast of Champions."

My child overhears me saying "coffee" and pipes up, "I loooooooooooove coffee!"*

The responses were as follows:
Mother #1 : goggles at me
Mother #2: tentatively laughs as if she's not sure whether or not this is a joke
My response: get up and go hop across the playground with my child

Heh heh heh.

*Note: Said child has never actually been given coffee but on weekends she demands that Daddy let her smell the coffee beans before he grinds them.