Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I have pretty pink toes. With sparkly flowers on the big toes! I treated myself to a pedicure today. I am now the most relaxed human on the face of the earth.

Since I skipped SnB on Sunday and instead went gallivanting around with the Bean, I'm going to pop up to my fave yarn store today since it's close to Lowe's/Home Depot Expo, etc. (OK, not really close but on the same side of the highway so I'm justifying.) Hopefully, I will find some curtains at Expo. At some point, curtain manufacturers decided that everyone wants pocket or tab curtains instead of old-fashioned pleated curtains. We have a bay window. We need regular ole curtains. Just some nice, sandy-colored, semi-sheer curtains. You'd think they would have them everywhere. Nope.

Tomorrow, our friends arrive from England. I only have about two inches completed on his scarf (oops). Nevermind. It's too hot to wear it right now anyway! I can't wait for the orgy of food and wine that will proceed from this weekend. I met them through a combined culinary endeavor, so it's a guarantee that we'll eat some fairly fabulous food and drink some fairly fabulous wine and beer. Tomorrow, I'm making homeade pizza. Now I just have to plan tonight's meal for us. I'm thinking pasta with Tomato Vodka Cream sauce sounds pretty darn good.