Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Orangutan arms

Um, oops

Contrary to appearances, the sleeves are the same width and length up to the cap. Then, something went terribly, terribly wrong. the problem is that I'm not sure which sleeve is correct. However, I do know that the sleeve on the left is the length I was aiming for. So, I'm going to sew the front and back together and pray that the left sleeve fits the armhole. If not, I have to rip both sleeves to the cap shaping. If yes, then I only have to rip the right-hand sleeve.

I'm trying to figure out my road knitting for the Austin trip. I think I'm going to take Daddy's sock and start the felted bag my SP4, Maureen, sent me. And maybe the Artyarns Clapotis. Not that I think I'm going to complete any of it; I just get bored easily!

I cooked risotto for dinner tonight and made the mistake of having half a glass of wine whist cooking. I'm now in the throes of a Grand Mal Hot Flash. Lovely.

If this post wasn't a head-spinning enough concatentation of subjects for you, you must have a small child as well!