Sunday, May 15, 2005

Shades of Grimley

I got my hair cut on Friday. It's extremely short. Understand that my hair is normally maybe two inches long all over my head, so when I say extremely short you can visualize that most of it seems to be about half an inch long with some two inch long choppy bits sticking out at the top. Unfortunately, she also decided to make the top part way longer in the middle of the top of my slightly pointy head. If I don't put some goop in it and make it lay right, the effect is somewhat like this only much shorter. No, there will not be a picture. Not quite what I had in mind, but my hair grows fast so, what the heck.

In other news, my knitting is completely boring. Fiery Bolero is like a mini-Lara. Boring. The Triada scarf from the new IK? OhmyGOD is it boring - pretty but BOR-ING. Miles of rib. You'd think I'd learn to really read the pattern before jumping in.

Ines is still lovely and fun, however, I made a mistake on one of the sleeves and do not feel like ripping it back right now.

T-minus one and a half hours until the Survivor finale.