Monday, June 06, 2005

I'll take a bed frame and a hard drive, please. From lovely Kingsland, Texas. A town of not much although they have 4 computer repair shops within a few miles of each other off the highway.

The trip was lovely and there was some fibery goodness. I'm preparing a trip report. I plan on turning this into a few days worth of blog fodder because all I have around here to report on is teaching art at Vacation Bible School and the damn accident.

In accident news, Team 12 of State Farm Insurance is a huge collection of drooling morons. Every person I speak with tells me a different story. They have yet to do anything about my claim because "they have not yet established liability." Evidently, State Farm holds the same views about physics as the woman who ran into me. How there can be a question of liability when we were parallel to each other (seriously, there is damage along the whole side of my car) is beyond me. State Farm is also insistent about sending out an estimator to my house, but they can't tell me when that might be. They won't let me take the car in myself to an estimator. It's very odd.