Thursday, June 09, 2005

The second half of our trip. We travelled back roads so one of us always had to navigate so there was very little knitting time.

Friday night we stayed in a caboose! There was a picnic table and a nice gas grill outside. Not that we cooked. We drove into Marble Falls and had a noteworthy meal at Cafe 909. You do not expect a restaurant of this caliber in such a small town. I had sweetbreads to start and had to restrain myself from licking the plate.

The view out the front door of the caboose.

The interior looking back from the front door. In the very back is a queen bed. To my immediate right are two tiny bunks and to my left is a small loveseat. There was a tiny kitchenette where the wood paneling ends, the world's smallest bathroom is behind the paneling, and, opposite the kitchenette, you could climb up into the cupola into two tiny benches.

Saturday we drove to Fredericksburg when we went to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm where I bought "Sniffle Relief" shower gel, lotion, and a candle. This stuff honestly works!

My indulgent husband also let me stop in at Stonehill Spinnery.

Two skeins of mohair from El Coyote Ranch. Yes, I know, I hate mohair. It makes me itch. It makes me sneeze. But this is not a really hairy mohair and it is a sublime color with a sublime sheen. I had to have it. And it's from a small Texas producer which makes it even more fun.

Also, a huge skein of handpainted Woolpak 8-ply. Not sure what I'll do with this. Stonehill doubles Woolpak as their main felting yarn. I think the variegation would really be pretty in a bag.

And, I succumbed. I bought an Ashford drop spindle and a bag of roving. I also learned why they call it a drop spindle at which point Hubster and I decided that we needed to carry out further experimentation at home on the carpet rather than on the restored floors of a 1901 Victorian hotel.

Then we went to Becker and Fall Creek wineries. Fall Creek makes excellent wine and the best mustard I've ever had. Becker makes award-winning wines that are beginning to get national notice.

The Becker Winery

A small house on the property.