Sunday, June 26, 2005

What fresh hell is this?

Bonus points if you can tell me who said that and why!

I know I've been whining alot lately what with the wreck and the water heater and all the other crap that has rained down upon us lately. But I'm beginning to wonder about the sheer amount of small things that can go wrong. I'll be spending tomorrow at the pediatrician's. Bean has an ingrown toenail. Then, she starts scratching her head and I take a look and there is a bald spot with a rash. Lovely. How we missed that to the point where she now has a quarter-sized bald spot I'll never know. I brush that child's hair several times a day. It's probably ringworm caught from school. At least it doesn't look anything like lice. Plus, she was sick with a cold this weekend and my husband now has said cold.

This is getting ridiculous. Are we wearing big signs on our backs that says CURSED or something?

Please, God, whatever I did I'm sorry. Really. No, REALLY. We do heartily bewail our manifold sins and wickedness.

Now, can I have a nice week?