Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm only 30 rows in.

I haven't been knitting much this week. I have been glued to CNN, instead. I was talking with my husband last night and I said told him that I feel really macabre watching all of this for hours on end. I think it's just that the enormity of the whole situation in New Orleans coupled with the wide swath Katrina cut through Missippi and Alabama is just unreal. I keep watching as if I'm trying to find the hole in the reporting where it's not as bad as they say it is. And it's not as bad as they say it is; IT'S WORSE.

I'm almost finished with the last part of Purple People Eater, but after I finish this sleeve, I'm going to seam it and then wait for the collar until cooler weather. I can't stand the thought of knitting a collar while holding an entire sweater that heavy in my lap.

Beanism of the week: My husband was helping her get dressed and, when they were finished, she turned to him and said, "Thank you, I'm a big fan of your work." She cracks me up.