Thursday, September 29, 2005


OK, posted something whiny and deleted it.

Summary of last 24 hours:
Rained last night
Still need to water lawn
Received $200 water bill. Not fun but replacing lawn more expensive.
In-laws back in Iowa
Did 6 loads of laundry (washed, dried, and put away thankyouverymuch)
Have groceries but left desire to cook at the store

Went clothes shopping for Bean. WIth Bean. Because she now has Opinions. Came home with really cute robe, slippers, and jammies with a design of kitties playing with balls of string (see, this post is knitting related!) that I am now hoping she will forget about so I can give them to her for Christmas. (The hood of the robe is a kitty face. So cute it will kill!)

Now hoping that fall weather holds off until I can find fall clothes that fit child and that child will agree to wear!

Oh, and we bought cookies.

Because that's the most important part of shopping!