Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I've had a really great week so far. We are talking fabulousness of a level I rarely attain. Yesterday, Bean and I went to the mall and ate lunch. She wanted a cookie for lunch so that's what she got. I ate my sandwich and she had a giant cookie and a glass of milk. Then we went and visited a friend of mine who works at the makeup counter at Neiman's and Betty put glittery powder and lipgloss on Bean. Then we walked all over the mall and did alot of really silly goofy walks where we'd scrunch down and walk like ducks (Walk small!) and then stand up straight (Walk tall!). I'm sure everyone thought I was some sort of maniac but I couldn't stop laughing and Bean laughed so hard she fell on the floor and couldn't get up for a minute or two. It was FUN!

This summer has brought more than it's share of annoyances and lots of money going towards fixing house and car stuff - always a pain. And it kind of got to me after a while. But this week, I seem to be getting my groove back.

And then there's the knitting. While I like Kepler and River, they just aren't fun. Most of this is due to the fact that it's 97F outside today and I'll be lucky if I can wear a sweater by the middle of November. I've knit several sweaters over the summer and they go straight into a drawer to wait for cooler weather. There isn't much motivation for finishing these projects.

The socks, though... FUN! No, I won't wear them for ages, but I really enjoyed the colors. I decided I needed something fun to knit.

Here it is! FUN! Sure, the dolls look sort of like freaky aliens, but I think I can make a few modifications such as thicker arms and legs and embroidered faces that will make them a bit less otherworldly.

Bean is all excited about picking out yarn for the hair and the clothes and I am excited about knitting something totally goofy.