Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Limbo Lower Now!

Yes, it's a sock! I'm knitting your basic top down pattern. I'm still working on the bands of Kepler and, between that and the River Stole, I needed something mindless to knit. Voila! The yarn (Limbo Mexiko) does all the work. And how could I resist this given the purple and green jacquard?

I'm on the second band of Kepler. I had planned to complete that band on Saturday at the Knit Out but I was conscripted into teaching beginning knitting. Unprepared. To about 20 people. Including several kids. And one woman who wanted me to teach her to knit socks.
I did OK, but it would have been better had I had a handout prepared and a few swatches to show people.

I did not stab anyone with my needles.

Not even the woman who told me I was casting on incorrectly.

Lady, I stated about 8 times that there are many methods for casting on and that I am only going to teach one. If you already know another method and prefer that method, please feel free to use it but I am not prepared to teach any method other than this one. I "knit on". I was taught to knit by someone who had been knitting for something like 60 years or more and this was her preferred method and it stuck. I do know a few other methods, but I suffered a brain lock at that point and just wanted to teach my Old Faithful.

I've taught people to knit before, just not more than three at one time!