Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ain't no corndogs when she's gone*

Last Saturday, we went to the Corndog Festival.

It's sort of a neighborhood event, featuring dachsunds dressed up like corn. Really hilarious.

To continue the vacation corndog theme, we are planning to go to The State Fair of Texas today. Supposedly, a "cold" front and a bunch of wind are coming through this morning, and, while the cold isn't yet (it's 5am and still 69F outside), the wind is picking up a bit and that always means allergy trouble for me. Hopefully, it'll blow through and I'll get my Fletcher's fix (Fletcher's is the only brand of corn dogs to eat).

Texas is taking a branch from the Iowa State Fair and having a butter sculpture this year. I hear it's a butter Elvis. Alot of potential in a butter Elvis, but nothing will ever top the visit Dr. Pig and I made to the Iowa State Fair (he's from Iowa) when we got to see the life-size butter Last Supper. Yes, life-size butter Jesus. Butter disciples. Butter communion. No butter lightening striking us dead for laughing ourselves sick.

There has been precious little knitting, but what there is all seems to be socks.

The leftmost pair, I call the BroadBean socks. They are an adaptation of the Broadripple sock pattern for DK weight yarn and the 3-yr-old Bean.

The middle sock is the second (!) Limbo Mexiko sock. I have discovered that my very high arch means I need to decrease for the gusset every row rather than every other. This will necessitate ripping the completed Limbo sock back and reknitting it, but at least they will fit! The bit on the right is a sparkly Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I am knitting in a lacey pattern.

Kepler and River are getting short shrift, but I'll get back to them. KADD notwithstanding, I do like both of those patterns and love the yarns I am using, so I can't see abandoning them forever.

*The late, lamented Loco Gringos sang this hysterical rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine".