Saturday, October 15, 2005

Angels Wanna Wear My White Shoes

Yes, I will wear white sandals tonight. OK, they're really sort of off-white, but I'm fully prepared with my defense for the Fashion Police.

You see, it was 95 today. 95 degrees Farenheit. Warm. Sunny. I'm sure there is fall weather. Somewhere. But, if we're going to be Miami on the prairie, by golly I'm going to wear sandals! I was raised by a Southern Belle. All apologies Mom, but it's still summer. Labor Day needs to be rescheduled.

Yesterday, after a week of cool weather, I actually switched my footwear from summer to "winter"*. I forgot. It's only October! Growing up, we always had contingencies for our Halloween costumes. Because October 31st is either 50 or it's 85, and you never wanted to have to wear a jacket over your costume. Luckily, being a girl allowed me to put a leotard and tights under my costume, thus escaping the Parental Jacket Edict.

*I have two shelves in my closet and I can only reach the lower one. So, "current" footwear goes on the lowest shelf and the out-of-season stuff goes on the upper shelf. Shoes I wear regardless of season (cowboy boots, Docs, Birks) go on the shelf on the other side of the closet. I have tons of shoes, but I take very good care of them and tend to keep them forever. Example: these have come back into style. I saved mine from the last time they were fashionable...