Monday, October 10, 2005


Brought on by three glasses of wine Friday night. Except that I have had the headache off and on since Saturday and that's a bit long for a hangover. It might be gout in my head, though.

Last Thursday I receive a call from a dear friend stating that she had a problem. She's just purchased several hundred dollars worth of luxe foods (truffles were mentioned) to prepare this fabulous meal for a gourmand friend. For that Friday. When said friend would be out of town because (dum dum dum) she got the date wrong.

So, would I could I be a friend and come over and help them eat all this lovely food? I agreed to make the supreme sacrifice and help her out.

There was much feasting on fine foods and I ate my weight in pate, Roquefort and Morbier cheeses (two of my all-time faves - although I've never met a cheese I didn't like and yes, that does include Velveeta although it does not include any substance mentioning "cheez" or coming in an aeresol can), Beef Wellington with roasted baby vegetables and a lovely salad, tuiles for dessert, and the aforementioned wine.

The weekend continued in much the same vein with Hubster and I attending an Octoberfest on Saturday (sausages and brats) and going to brunch on Sunday (migas with a side of bacon). My pants are decidedly tight today. Calories from fat and alcohol: 99.67% (I ate an apple).

There was very little knitting. Hopefully, I can get a few rows in on Kepler tonight. It's stockinette for goodness sakes!

Tonight, I'm cooking Pad Thai which has lots of veggies and is very low fat. Otherwise, my arteries are gonna 'splode.

It was worth it.