Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Bye-Bye Sweater

Purple People Eater is no more. PPE was a bulky zippered cardigan with deep ribbing knit from Muench Naturwolle. I was about two inches from finishing the final sleeve. Now, it's bye-bye.

I wasn't feeling the love.

I designed the pattern correctly.

I seamed all of the sweater minus that final sleeve to check fit. Perfect. It would have been a very nice sweater. And I would have never worn it. Something was bugging me about the sweater. I think, at the end of the day, a short person has to be extremely careful about bulky yarns. Otherwise, you look like a fireplug.

I checked my gauge to see what other patterns might be available. 11 1/2 sts over 4 inches. Hmmm. I looked at Josephine from the Fall Knitty. The gauge is off a bit, but I think I could make it work given that it's an oversized sweater. I don't have quite enough yarn, but remember the short. I can easily delete a few inches from the length. But all those cables. And the woman modeling the sweater seems to be on the taller and thinner side. I'm on the short and average side. Not sure those cables are going to do a damn thing for me.

How about Blackberry? The cutaway style looks great on me. I can omit the bobbles (loathe bobbles - great on children but not for me) and I end up with bulky cables on my skinniest part (arms) and a figure-flattering sweater everywhere else. Plus, given that it's not that cold in Texas and this is warm-as-hell yarn, there isn't so much coverage for the sweater that a grand mal hot flash is going to take me out the second I put the sweater on! We have a winner!

What did I do this weekend? A hat. That fits! If you knit any of the hat patterns in the Louisa Harding accessories book, keep in mind that the hats are teeny. Good thing I didn't knit it for me.