Saturday, November 12, 2005


I managed to pick up the stitches for the second sleeve of Kepler yesterday, but that's about it. My husband had a late meeting at work (because management really endears people by scheduling meetings at 5.30pm on Friday), so the Bean and I went to my parent's house for dinner. We are getting ready to leave and I am looking forward to a long evening of knitting when J. calls me and tells me that his clients are taking him to dinner at a very swanky steakhouse. And I'm invited. My mother immediately talked Bean into spending the night at their house. I went home, did a quick change, packed a bag for the Bean and we popped back by to drop that off and went out for steak. We weren't even seated until 9pm. On the one hand, that stinks for everyone else. Lucky for me, that meant that by the time dinner was served at 10pm, I was ready for a snack ;>

One of the guys was asking me about Texas wine and I told him that there is one winery that is producing some amazing stuff. Becker. Lo and behold, the wine list has the exact wine I was raving about so they ordered a bottle. Everyone was really shocked at the quality of the wine - it beat out the Super Tuscan and Chateau Margeaux that were also ordered. All in all, it was a fun night and now we are on our way to pick up Bean.

And then I get to partake in a bit of personal improvement that I've been needing for a while - glasses.