Saturday, December 10, 2005

IT happens

I never do holiday knitting.

I rarely engage in gift knitting of any sort. Knowing that I "have" to knit something makes me never touch it again.

And, yet, I find myself possessed by IT. Utterly consumed.

I decided that I wanted to knit little holiday mini sweater ornaments for everyone in my card group. I need 8 of them. And two pair of "Texas Mittens" from the Loiusa Harding pattern from Kimono Angora for a couple of friends in the card group.

I decided this yesterday afternoon.

I need all this by Wednesday.

Today, we are having my parents over this afternoon for a tree decorating party.

We are also having a dinner party tonight.

We have plans tomorrow night.

We have a big dinner party to go to on Tuesday night

Think I can make it?