Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Like Itt

Forget being possessed by IT. I am possessed by the Cousin Itt of Holiday Knitting. No, I don't have the hair for it (now about two inches long, but hardly in the qualifying races). But I'm beginning to babble incoherently.

Exhibit One
Two "Gardening Mittens" unseamed without flowers and without alot of yarn left.

Exhibit Two
Two little mini sweater ornament things and half of the ribbing for the first of the second pair of Gardening Mittens. I need them by tomorrow night. Granted, they don't take long, but I'm going to be lucky if I finish the mittens. I've aborted the idea that I might have 6 more mini-sweaters to join them. The ornaments are now package decorations.

Exhibit Three
A little project I'm referring to as The Mess but which shall be referred to as the Wavy Wrap when it's complete.

Two hundred stitches long.

Occasional rows of the Old Shale aka Feather and Fan lace pattern to give it some oomph.

Random changes between Mohair/Wool regular yarn and a small mohair loop yarn.

My swatch indicated that it would be somewhere around 6 feet long and 20 inches wide but then I went up a couple of needle sizes and I think I have plenty of yarn, so it'll be done when it's done.