Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not quite back to normal.

But I'm working on it. I completed the back and one sleeve of the Class Sweater and have started the other sleeve. I'm saving the front for last, since that will require me to actually think about my knitting and how to explain it to others.

This project has been a real learning experience for me. I'm such an intuitive knitter, and now I have to figure out how to explain this to a class that has never knit a sweater before. I think I've come up with some really good tips and tricks, but it all boils down to fit and finish. You have to understand your measurements, what you already have in your closet that you love and how that fits, and gauge. And you have to be able to do a good job of seaming. The most gorgeous knitting in the world can be ruined by bad seaming. Likewise, an OK job of knitting can be elevated by a good finishing job. I'm really trying to understand myself and how I knit. What should I pass on to the class? What are my bad habits?

The new computer is great, but it's very time-consuming to get everything back on. Thank goodness I hadn't started the taxes yet!