Friday, February 10, 2006

People, start your engines

Over here at Chez Casa Liz*, we are knitting other things than Olympic things.

There is this pile o' sweater which, at Bean's insistence, must be seamed and collared and eleventy million ends woven in so she can wear it to a birthday party tomorrow.

And then there is this:

Knitting for work.

Say that phrase out loud, people. Savor it. Realize that I just said KNITTING FOR WORK. I am knitting a project that will result in my earning funds to undertake more projects. Woohoo!

Plus, I love the color! Mmmmm!

*Yes, I am aware that Chez Casa Liz means House House Liz. It was named Chez Casa [lastname} when we moved in and ever it shall be.