Monday, February 06, 2006

Seaming with Blossom

Thank to everyone for all the nice comments about Pipkin!

Several of you asked about seaming. In my opinion, Blossom is totally unsuited for seaming. Between the little "blobbies", the loosely spun nature of the yarn, and the two plies that separate at every chance they get, I think trying to seam with Blossom would tax even the most expert knitter and turn a relatively easy seaming job into a total nightmare.

I had a skein of Silk Garden laying around that had reasonably close colors, so I used that. I found the Silk Garden a bit fragile for seaming, but it was certainly easier than the Blossom.

I've been wearing this sweater almost non-stop since I finished it. I will definitely knit another sweater in Blossom at some point because the yarn produces a fabric that is soooo comfortable to wear. Next time, I'll probably use Cascade 220 or a similar yarn for seaming.