Tuesday, March 07, 2006

D is for Dwarf

I think I told y'all abaout the house that was razed to the foundation and is being turned into a McMansion. Across the street from me. In a neighborhood of ranch and mid-century moderns from the 50s and 60s.


Here it is hovering over the house across the street from me. Keep in mind that the new house is at the absolute bottom of the hill - there is a fairly sharp drop from the ranch next door. Also, my house is at a higher point than across the street.

Godawful, no?

I'm all for tearing down something dilapidated to build something new, but folks, can we at least TRY to keep it in the general nature of the other houses in the neighborhood?

Apparently not.

At least there is some sky for Sandy!

ETA: We don't have basements here. The ground is too unstable and we have lots of ground water. If I had a basement, there is a good chance I'd wake up some morning with my house next to the hole that had been the basement!