Thursday, April 13, 2006

Eat at Jo's

More like drink at Jo's. Jo's being a South Congress coffee joint. I'm sitting outside in the shade with a breeze blowing. It's a gorgeous, sunny day. Warm but not too hot (which non-Texans can translate to pretty hot - it's in the 90s). I love Austin. Except for Mr. Stinky sitting upwind of us. In Austin, there is usually the risk of a Mr. Stinky either from BO or an overabundance of patchouli. This guy is the rare OD of aftershave. I didn't even know they allowed aftershave in this part of town!

We ate breakfast at the wonderful Magnolia Cafe. Enormous pancakes for Bean and J., migas for me with big chunks of fresh jalapeno in them.

Last night was dinner at out favorite Mexican joint in the whole world: Guero's. Guero's has amazing margaritas and really good tacos.

And then there is the yarn. After breakfast, I dropped the fam off at the hotel and went on a teensy little expedition to Hill Country Weavers. I've only seen small bits of Habu yarns in person prior to this morning. So, understandably, I went a bit nuts. I bought a sweater kit, a scarf kit, and a pile of yarns that will become something yet to be determined. I also bought two skeins of Koigu and three of a really nifty Euroflax linen/mohair blend called Pixie. Now, all I need is a camera phone so you can see the booty (still stuck in pirate mode).

We've been to the Austin Children's Museum and are taking a break from a bit of window shopping. The most challenging aspect left in the day is deciding where to have dinner.