Monday, May 01, 2006

Southern dramatics

The hissy fit - a temper tantrum

The tizzy - a hissy fit you brought on yourself. For example, knowing you have a major charity fundraiser in two weeks, waiting until Friday after 5pm to find the mailing list, and then having a panic attack because the person with the mailing list doesn't check their messages until Monday morning.

The conniption - a tizzy gone bad on you. For example, taking the above situation and then calling everyone you know and sending out lots of emails about the person with the mailing list not calling you back and how you have tried and tried to get hold of them but they just will not call you back.

This behavior is annoying but somewhat understandable from small children. From forty-year-old women? Not so much.

Anyone know where I can get valium-coated paper to print in on? (And wouldn't that be a major seller! Bad news for the boss? She won't care if you print it on new and improved paper from the fine folks who brought you valium.)

Now, the real question is how to infuse it into an email.