Monday, July 24, 2006

Tanned, Rested and Ready

We had a wonderful vacation. When we checked in, we were upgraded to the club level which meant free breakfast and free happy hour from 5-7 each night. And the happy hour had incredible snacks: Fruit platters, cheeses, four hot appetizers that varied each night.

We spent the whole time swimming in the gorgeous pools. There is an adults-only pool and then there is a incredible layout of smaller pools (and when I say small I mean the size of a backyard pool) that are interconnected with a lazy river type setup and then a smaller wading pool for the very little ones (we referred to that one as the tee-tee pool).

We would get up each morning and have breakfast and be down at the pools around 9. We swam until around 11.30, grabbed some lunch poolside and then headed up to the room so that Bean could nap. Dr Pig and I traded off going down to the gym and working out (yeah, I know, but the gym was so fabulous I hated to miss out). Bean would sleep for a while and then we'd get dressed and head to happy hour and have some snacks and drinks, followed by another few hours in the pool. We considered going to Sea World, but it was 105F the first day and similar until a slight cooldown to 98 the last day and Bean really wanted to SWIM!

All in all, a most relaxing and luxurious time.

Some knitting was completed but it's my bedroom where Bean is currently napping. She's got swimming lessons this evening, so I want her well-rested for that.

I've also completed nine repeats on the Flower Basket Shawl.

I love this pattern.

Good thing since this is my third one!

I've only used up one 360 yard ball of not-quite-fingering-weight mohair, which worries me a bit because the "small shawl" is supposed to take 675 yards of yarn at 11 repeats. I went down to a size 5US needle because the DFS turned out so open and I wanted to be able to see the pattern on this one. I think that I'll continue through 10 repeats and see how I feel. I'm pretty short and I don't want something that hangs down too far.

The only problem so far is that the yarn does not appear to be colorfast because it has dyed my hands and needles fuschia. I've been using Lava soap after each knitting session, but there is still a tinge of pink all over my hands. I hope I can rinse out enough dye to be able to wear the shawl. Otherwise, I'm going to be hitting up some of you dyers to find out how to set Gaywool dyes. It's a lovely color of pink, not as dayglo as the pciture appears - my camera has a huge red bias, but not so much on my hands and clothes.