Saturday, August 12, 2006

Home again Home again Jiggety jig

My God am I tired.

We left Des Moines at 8.15am this morning to drive to Kansas City to catch a 2.55pm flight. Parts of I-35 as well as parts of the road leading to the airport in KC have been under construction for the last couple of years (No, I am not exaggerating. For once.) and between the New Terrorist Plot For Blowing Up Planes and the highway construction we thought it best to leave plenty of time for the drive.

It's a three hour drive under The Best Conditions and highway construction paired with a four-year-old did not strike us as The Best Conditions.

We made it to the rental car place in three hours flat.

Which left us with three hours until the plane took off. And, given that we were flying THE BEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD - Southwest - we had little or no drama checking in. This does not preclude drama on the part of other people. People who could not quite grasp the fact that the humongous sign saying ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUIDS, GELS, (rest of list deleted) ALLOWED ON BOARD meant that they couldn't take their unopened bottle of water because they read that beverages wouldn't be allowed on board but certainly that didn't include THEM because who would conceive that they might do anything wrong. Apparently, the sign should have been appended YES, THIS MEANS YOU, TOO. DUMBASS.

At any rate, the flight was overbooked so we were pretty happy to have A boarding passes which means first crack at boarding because LUV (seriously, that's the stock ticker for Southwest Airlines) doesn't assign seats.

But it's been a long day and a long, albeit delightful, trip and I am too tired even to watch the Tivo'd Project Runway waiting for me. I'm off to bed.

Last Saturday, I bought the new IK. By Sunday night, I'd finished the body of the Swallowtail Shawl and started on the first border. I'm knitting it in Handmaiden Sea Silk.

Wonder if I can finish the sucker this weekend?