Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am on the board of a local charity and this year, my position is creating the newsletter. Now, a month or so ago, I was informed that all I have to do is create the newsletter and then send it to a particular person who will then distribute it via email. Yesterday, said person came down with an attack of the stupids and now wants me to do it. And I'm not entering 200 email addys by hand. Fortunately, a friend of mine is totally on the ball and has a Word doc I can use in a pinch.

Of course, the newsletter was supposed to be sent out yesterday. Guess what folks? It's going out whenever I get the emails and then can spare time from Moth. Better luck next month.

In addition, I'm also on the committee putting on a huge event in October. Can you say overcommitted? (I originally typed "overcommitteed" - talk about your Freudian slips.) To recall an email that my husband (then boyfriend) sent me years ago, "I'm so mad I cna't type!" (At the time, he didn't intend the spelling error. Now, it lives in infamy.)

Back to Moth. I really don't understand how Vanessa's hands didn't fall off.