Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Imporrrrrtant Announcement

Arr, Matey!

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

My daughter can say the entire Pledge of Allegiance including pronouncing "indivisible" correctly! Yay! Oh yeah, and I finished Moth. But my four-year-old child can say the Pledge of Allegiance and not just in some monotone! She can also say the Preamble to the Constitution (thank you Schoolhouse Rock). I find that totally cool.


Wing O' the Moth Shawl

Pattern: Wing o' the Moth Shawl, by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Louet Sales Kidlin Pixie in Grasshopper. 4 skeins. I probably used up 995 yards of yarn.
Needle: 5s and then 4s for the twin leaf and corona sections, when it became apparent that I would run out of yarn.
Modifications: One less repeat of the twin leaf section.
Size: 94" wingspan. 43" to tip. I barely blocked it. Otherwise. it would have been big enough to be an oddly shaped afghan. (Seriously, I didn't stretch it at all - more just pinned it a bit to keep it even. If I had bothered to pull on it at all, I could have easily gotten 6 inches each way.)

The very latest in Halloween ghost attire!

Obviously, I am an even looser knitter than I previously thought. Next time, I go down two needle sizes! (Swatch? No thanks, only for garments.)

Carole and Cheryl are the only ones left. But they're just stalling, because they have plenty of time to knit and spin other things. I think they are going to just UFO us to death.

I'm having a love/hate thing with the color. It's not quite as chartreuse as I orginally thought. I sort of wish I had chosen a red color (despite knitting something like four red or pink shawls this year). On the other hand, it really shows off the pattern, so I shouldn't complain.

I keep trying to upload some better pics, but Blogger sucks big green Donkey wongers today, so no go. Maybe tomorrow.

(Obviously, I need a new camera. I think I know what I want for Christmas ;>)