Saturday, September 30, 2006

What a week

My husband returns home from a week in Tokyo tonight. There is nothing like a long absence from your spouse and being pretty much cut off from instant communication to make you remember just how much you love someone. Not that I don't always love him, but frequently, our lives take over and you feel like you don't spend so much time with your spouse. Small children also tend to dramatically change the time you spend with each other. So, it was nice to realize that we spend a lot more quality time with each other than I thought!

With a 14 hour time difference and a price tag of 25 bucks for a five minute phone call, there has been only 10 minutes of voice contact this week. (Before you try to tell me about Skype, let me tell you that his company doesn't allow Skype on their computers, so that was a no go.) I can't wait to see him this afternoon.

And he sends me this email not to unpack his suitcase because he has presents to last from now until my birthday next June. Now, I hate waiting for a surprise more than anything and he knows it so that's just mean!