Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fair Play

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days we have had in quite a while. The sky was brilliant blue. The morning began a bit chilly and topped out in the low 70s. We rarely have weather this nice until Halloween. Especially during the State Fair. It's usually hot as hell during the Fair.

At Halloween, it's either hot or pretty darn cold, depending on the nature of your Halloween costume. Because if you are going as a pretty ballerina, it's gonna be cold and damp and your mother will have to scramble to figure out how to clothe you so you don't have to wear a coat over your costume.

My husband and I looked outside, looked at each other and decided to ditch. He called in for a day off from work, I called school and told them that Bean would not be there, and we went to the Fair.

We ate the best corny dog in the whole world: Fletcher's. Oh, there are other corny dog vendors at the Fair, but any seasoned fairgoer worth their salt goes for Fletcher's. Then you have to go to the Midway and get the corn roasted in it's husk from Darn Good Corn. They only have one stand, it's always on the Midway; accept no imitators.

We saw Elsie and Beauregard.

Bean got to go fishing for catfish at the Toyota truck display (disn't manage to catch one).

We had a ball.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the pictures are on the non-digital camera. And we didn't go to see any of the fiber exhibitions. Bean was tired and they are never going to top the crocheted hamburger and all the fixin's from a couple of year ago.