Monday, November 13, 2006

Want vs need

It happens every time a new Interweave Knits arrives.

I spend quite a bit of time contemplating the knits I like and then trolling the stash to find matches. That Nantucket sweater on the cover of the new IK is causing me to have whatever the knitting equivalent is of your mouth watering over a delicious recipe.


I took a step back and contemplated the yarns in my stash and some of the original intentions. I contemplated the sweaters I've knit and noticed a tendency to knit sweaters that are interesting knits. And I noticed the lack of what I will refer to as utility knits. Nice, plain sweaters that I can just throw on and go. No shawl pin closures or funky ties. Nothing awkward requiring constant re-arrangement while running errands.

I'm having a conflict between my wardrobe needs and my knitting needs and, right now, I'm going to go with the wardrobe needs.

I have some Atacama Alpaca in the stash purchased with the intention of making the t-shirt sweater. I have some Mountain Colors 4/8 wool purchased with the intention of making a simple tunic. I have enough Calmer to knit Cutaway.

There is a lot of stockinette in my future. But, in a way, that's probably also what I need. I've had a tremendously hectic fall. The zen of stockinette is calling. And the nice thing about this hobby is that, after all that zen, I'll have some lovely garments.

Of course, it's still me. The alpaca is shocking pink. The Mountain Colors is all sorts of berry. The Calmer is red. Maybe not so zen after all.