Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year of Living Stashfully

Last year, I made a resolution to try to not add to the stash. It wasn't so much a "No Yarn Buying" resolution, as it was a resolution that I would knit the yarn I bought and not let it become resident in the stash. I did fairly well. The major areas of stash enhancement were in the sock and lace categories. At least those are small skeins!

This year, sock yarn counts. I have 30 some-odd skeins of sock yarn and I'm knitting socks at a rate of 5 or 6 pair a year. I can stop with the sock yarn for a bit.

I think another Year of Living Stashfully is in order. I posted a while back about all the lovely sweaters I have sitting in stash. And I'm diving in. As with last year, I'll buy yarn to knit, but I want to have anything I buy back out of the stash by the end of the year. I'm an inveterate list-maker and I've already worked out what I'm going to knit with which yarns on the old Palm Pilot. Whether or not I'll conform is another matter. But it's a start.

Right now, I'm working on a sample for the Shabby Sheep and on Bless in Rowan Cork for myself. And on finding the damn camera cord so I can upload pictures.

A combination of sales and serendipity have led me to buy the yarn for the long-coveted Electra vest on the cover of Rowan 38. I have been lusting after this vest since the magazine came out, but I hated the fact that the cover yarns are really bright purples and not the plums, etc. the picture would lead you to believe. I've found a good combo of colors that should be gorgeous.

Best wishes for a delightful New Year's Eve. We only go out about once every 5 years, so we're having some really good friends over. Their daughter is Bean's best friend, so it will be sort of like a playdate with champagne!