Friday, January 12, 2007

Battening down the hatches

A major ice storm is predicted to hit the Metroplex this weekend. I'll grant them that it's raining like crazy and that in the past two hours it's dropped a good 20 or so degrees. We'll see about the rest of it.

The dire predictions of ice usually send our area into a major food/beer/milk buying frenzy.


I've bought a gaggle of "fashion fever" Barbies because the Fashion Fever Barbie clothes don't fit the regular fucking Barbies and we have lots of fashion fever clothing and it DOESN"T FIT. DAMMIT! Oh, and we just got back from a huge sashimi dinner. Because nothing says, "I'm prepared for the ice storm." like a big plate of sashimi followed by grilled delights such as enormous grilled bacon-wrapped scallops. Screw milk, I'm happy, slappy!

And alot of sake.