Thursday, January 25, 2007

Home run

We got home about two hours ago and Bean is sleeping off the anesthesia. She supposedly has a fairly light recovery, but the bloody tears that are coming out of her eyes are pretty much right out of a horror movie. She's been in and out of sleep, but was a total champ about the operation and seems to be fine now that she's in her own comfy bed.

Dr. Pig and I are just relieved that it's over and, since we've been up a good 9 hours already, we've decided it's time for a nice cocktail hour and have opened a bottle of champagne and made a nice little breakfast to go with it.

Pound of bacon: 6 dollars

Bottle of champagne: 28 dollars

Knowing your child is home safe and sound after surgery: Priceless.

Can't beat it.

Thanks for all the good thoughts. It means more than you know.