Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well FUCK!

Fuckety fuck fuck fuck!

Some of you may have noticed that Bean wears glasses. She has a condition called strabismus, which causes her left eye to cross. The glasses help her align her eyes in the correct position. We also patch her right eye for about an hour a day to help strengthen the muscles in the other eye. Unfortunately, the muscles in her eyes that control the up/down motions are also affected by this condition and can not be aided by patching or glasses. The doctor was hoping that, with time (Bean has been wearing glasses for 3 years, since she was 20 months old), those muscles would equal out in strength.

It's not happening.

So, Bean is going to have to have eye surgery.

It's an outpatient procedure, but it's general anesthesia and it eye surgery and I'm a bit freaked out. I know that it's really not a huge deal and that lots of people have vastly more serious health issues. But it's my baby. And that makes it a very big deal to me.