Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Broke

Bean is on Spring Break from school this week. We've been having a wonderful time at home. Until today. I think we may have been having a bit too much fun because, despite a good night's sleep, so far today she'd had a tizzy, a hissy fit, and a full-blown conniption.

I haven't seen fractious at this level at this time in the morning since she was very small. Every now and then, she'd wake up on the wrong side of the bed and I'd feed her breakfast and then put her back to bed. An hour or so nap and she'd be back to her happy self. So, Bean is taking a nap at 9.30am. There is no reason for today to be a no-good, very bad day. It's gorgeously sunny, the temps will be in the high 70s, and I want to go to the Arboretum and look at all the gorgeous flowers and maybe have a picnic. But I'm not going to do it with Queen Hissyfit.

Here's hoping she really does fall asleep for a bit. Otherwise, it's gonna be a looooooong day.