Thursday, August 30, 2007

Something New

I have long wanted to knit Wendy Bernard's Something Red. I bought the Blue Sky cotton at kpixie and yesterday decided to cast on. This completely violates my intentions of finishing two or three items before casting on anything new, but most of my UFOs involve some sort of lace and I'm more in a stockinette mood. Y'all know how I love my stockinette.

The color is called tomato, but it's really more of a brick red. This will be the perfect fall sweater for Texas. I can wear it with a tank top once it starts to cool down (approximate Fall Start Date is October 31st. Halloween is always either the first really cold day or it's sweltering and all the kids are boiling over in their costumes.

I also cast on for the first Car Pool Sock. Any bets as to how many socks I can knit this year while waiting in the Car Pool line? (The duration is from now until the first week of June.) The average car pool wait is currently 20 minutes - afternoon only. I hit the sweet spot for morning drop-off and it takes about three minutes.

A monkey in STR Silkie. The color is Walking on the Wild Tide. Right now, it's particular to the Blue Moon sock club, but it should be available to everyone next year. I'm going to complete the ribbing and try to get in one pattern repeat this morning before consigning it to the car.