Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh What A Night

Last night was plain weird.

The three of us went to our favorite sushi bar last night in celebration of our anniversary. Dinner was superb, as usual and Bean ate her weight in grilled chicken meatballs.

We used to always split a small cold sake and a beer between us. It ends up being about 4oz of sake and 6 oz of beer, so we're not talking about anything near what I would call overindulgence. However, about a year ago, I decided to stop drinking sake because it was giving me strange dreams. Last night, I indulged. And paid for it.

Oh, I fell blissfully asleep. The bliss didn't last though, because then I started having nightmares. The horse that someone made me keep in the refrigerator was bad enough, but then we bought a very expensive house that was furnished. In the nightmare, I was very pleased to find a complete collections of linens of all sorts for every holiday under the sun.

I say nightmare because I am not a holiday towel sort of person. I do have a small collection of seasonal items that I use to decorate the front porch, and I think I have a plate with a Santa on it somewhere, but that's about it. People kept making me decorate things and it was driving me crazy.

And then I couldn't figure out how we were going to pay for the house now that we'd bought it and why we would buy a house that put Bean in a bedroom on a different floor and at the opposite end of the house from us. And I just wanted to go back to my house and now the horse was a Great Dane and then I was very thankful to wake up.


I think I'll go back to white wine.