Saturday, October 06, 2007

socked in

It's official. The Summer of Love sock is no more and never will be.

I liked that pattern reasonably well, but I will admit I thought the yarn was fairly ugly. I figured I'd knit it anyway and see what happened. What happened is that the sock turned out huge. So, I ripped and reknit on zeros. Still enormous. Reknit on zeros in the size small. HUGE! I can't get anything resembling a fit on the sock and decided that I was putting in good time on a bad project.

I think I do better at patterns that have some ribbing. The ribbing covers up a multitude of gauge sins and, generally, makes for a better fitting sock.

So, I'm dumping that sock and finishing the second retina-searing green monkey.

Then, it's on to the rib and cable sock from Fall 2005 IK. In a very pink and green Shibui Knits.

Unless my Sundara sock gets here first and I start Jane's Hedgerow socks.

Ribby goodness!