Monday, November 26, 2007

If Marie Osmond wins Dancing with the Stars I will Not Be Pleased.

We have an appointment to interview the potential pediatrician replacement on Friday. Let's hope The Bean doesn't break an arm or something in the meantime. Although that would require a specialist. Although my current pediatrician would probably tell me to put a Bandaid on it and wait a few days to see if it's really broken.

In other news, Ikea rocks. Not only do they put out a pretty darn good breakfast for 99 cents, they have cool lamps.

I'm assuming that Knappa Tulpan means Tulip lamp or something similar.

And then we found this lampshade which goes pretty well with the other embroidered stuff in her room. Lots of color in our house which does pretty well with white and accents of color.

It's the shade on the bottom left with the embroidered circles in pink, green, blue, and silver. The other embroidered shades are pretty neat as well. And, for some reason, I'm having trouble typing embroidered. It keep coming out as embroided.