Thursday, November 08, 2007

When in doubt, post a picture of dirty sheep

I wonder what kind of Google hits that title will get me?

Sheep from Dallas Heritage Village aka Old City Park. (Link is to the page with the sheep shearing on it rather than the home page. I know my audience ;>)

It looks like the animal are right next to the street and, while they are close, they aren't as close as it appears. (It's also a relatively quiet street.)

Old City Park is a pretty interesting place. It's like having a historical reenactment festival all year 'round (ahem Carole ahem). To quote from the website, " Dallas Heritage Village is a living history museum portraying life in North Texas from 1840-1910. The museum is composed of 38 historic structures & boasts a working Civil War era farm, a traditional Jewish household, elegant Victorian homes, a school, a church & commercial buildings."

At Christmas, they have amazing candlelight tours.

My favorite building is the schoolhouse. All the kids were really taken with the McGuffy readers, etc. I'm thinking of getting the Bean a McGuffy reader for Christmas. The phonics, etc. that she is learning in her classroom fit amazingly well with the readers of old.

We toured a few homes that had reenactors in them. The best was the Sullivan home with the tour given by the family dressmaker, Mrs. Kennedy. She gave us some really interesting historical tidbits and she had some lovely knitting. I won the parental seal of the approval when I inquired about the historical accuracy of Addi Turbos (this was after everyone else had left - no other knitters in the group). And yes, there were cable needles in 1885! The woman informed me that she'd stopped knitting modern patterns and was now knitting exclusively from her time period in the park. I really wanted to stay and ask her a ton of questions about where she gets her patterns and what yarn she was using and did she spin and dye it herself, but I had to manage my group of kiddos. Maybe another day.

I've gotten absolutely no knitting in this week. Last night I was beat and that little voice calling me to the latest sock was completely quashed by the other voice reminding me that I had already ripped out that heel once by knitting when tired (KTI) and neglecting to slip the first stitch of the row on all of the heel rows. I didn't want to reknit it twice!

Today is a half day and we have parent/teacher conferences. The school very kindly emails you report cards in advance of the conference. I think it's fabulous, because you will then be prepared to ask questions, etc. Bean is doing very, very well in all areas except for a few behavior things like Not Resting Quietly at rest time. Good luck getting that to change and, if you do, please share with me! She's five, so I'm not inclined to worry about a bit of wigglyness.