Friday, December 14, 2007

And now, pink eye

Yesterday, Bean told me that her right eye hurt when she hung upside down. My response was, "Then don't hang upside down."

This morning, she said it still hurt. I sent her to school and called the pediatric opthalmologist to find out if the surgery she had last January was suddenly going to make her eye explode (OK, I explained it in a vastly more adult manner to them, but that's what I was thinking.) The nice lady on the phone very patiently explained that her eye was not explode, and, had I considered pink eye?

Holy buckets! It's pink eye! And I had sent her to school to inflict the plague on everyone. I called the new pediatrician (LOVE HER!), got an appointment, called the school, picked Bean up and, sure 'nuff - pink eye.

In a fit of Christmas giving, I then took her grocery shopping at SuperTarget. She walked next to me and kept her hands in her pockets. We fast arriving at the point where dinner was going to be dry cereal and mustard, so I had to stage an intervention. Dinner will now be chicken breast, rice, and some sort of veggie.

Meanwhile, the electricity has gone somewhat wonky. We think it's a meter problem, but the electrician is coming in about an hour because the electric company won't. Keep your fingers crossed.