Wednesday, December 05, 2007

At approximately 3:30am, my body decided to wake up.

My brain then embarked on a very terse series of exchanges with my body that resulted in mutual "I hate you!" "NO! I hate YOU!"

And then it turned out that my husband had forgotten his breatheright strip and began doing impressions of boat motors.

I never did get back to sleep.

My body, having already messed me up good time, decided that what was really needed was a series of unremitting panic attacks. Given that I had several important tasks to accomplish today, I had to grin and bear it. Deep breathing, people. It did me no damn good during pregnancy, as Bean was sideways with her little feet crammed into my left hip. But, deep breathing.

I am presently freaking out over the following:

Bean's reading assessment. (She's been put in an advanced reading class. I'd like her to stay in the class, because I don't want to have to explain to her about not being in the reading class. The reading class only meets once a week, though so it's not like it's really that big a deal. The child reads all the books with no help. She's just not that great at taking the quizzes that follow. I can't blame her - the books are beyond boring.)

I can't find a check someone gave me. (I can get her to re-write the check so it's more embarrassing than anything else.)

I haven't opened my mail in three days. (But I did look at all the envelopes so I don't think there is some strange, time-sensitive missive waiting to repo the house or something, which would be pretty hard since that bill is paid automatically. But my mind goes there.)

None of this is anything worth getting worked up over. Intellectually, I know it. I'd be a bit happier if my brain and body could cooperate over this.

Dudes, I cannot do 3am. Let's hope I'm sufficiently wound up from today that I can watch America's Next Top Model and pass the hell out. I'm having tater tots with dinner. Nothing like some nice, comforting starch!